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Intumescent paint & fire retardant products supplied across the UK…

When it comes to intumescent paint & fire retardant products you need a true fire barrier that can withstand extreme temperatures in any given situation and this is why our fire resistant paints & products are so popular. Our selection of products coupled with our expert advice means that you have access to the best retardant paint choices on the market. We guarantee that our paint, product & advice will meet the needs of you and your customer.

Our retardant product range covers all aspects of fire protection from Intumescent paints through to fire stopping materials, if a product is not listed on our site then please Contact Us as we will have the paint and products in stock.

Most Popular Products

Intumescent & Fire Retardant Products

Door Protection

In the UK, fire doors have to meet FD20, FD30, or FD60 standards. Those standards don’t just relate to the door, though. They also relate to the fittings and accessories used on that entryway. Each ...

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Intumescent Paint

International Passive Fire Ltd. has been helping and advising customers on the use of intumescent paint & products for fire protection of st...

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Metal Coatings

We offer a huge range of fire retardant paints & coating products specifically designed to be applied to metal. All our products are designed to ensure that we help you to meet strict fire regulations...

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Most popular products

Take a look at our most popular fire retardant, fireproof & intumescent paint and products from across our range, but don’t think that’s all we have to offer! We have one of the largest ranges of ...

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Timber & Wood

We have an extensive range of intumescent paint & fire retardant products for wood, no matter whether it’s for interior or exterior use. Our intumescent paint & fire retardant products for wood are ...

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Walls & Ceilings

Controlling the spread of flames along walls and ceilings is vitally important to any property and with standard surfaces such as plasterboard & brick become combustable due to the constant redecorati...

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Our Services

Fire Retardant Services for New Build

Architects, Building Contractors, Painters & Decorators or indeed anyone with a interest in new building safety should be aware of our fireproof paints & products and options open to them, par...

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Fireproofing during Refurbishment

Sometimes there is a need to undertake full fireproof painting & decorating on existing properties. This refurbishment then may include the need to strip back & prepare old surfaces to make th...

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Structural Intumescent Painting

Passive fire protection materials insulate steel structures from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated in fire. Our structural intumescent paints can be used in all aspects of new...

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Our Blog & Latest News

Blue 60-Fire Rated Door Frame Foam

News Information received from Exitex suggests that more information such as data sheets on Blue 60 will be available from April. Exitex have also highlighted the Blue 60 Fire Rated Packers which are a true compliment to the foam. The…

Fire Rated Door Frame Foam- Blue 60 (New Product)

Blue 60- Fire Rated Door Frame It is with excitement that we bring this post as it is to introduce a brand new product and one of a kind within the industry. For many years there has been an on…

RFU County Championship (Devon Vs Cornwall).

With the upcoming RFU County Championship in a few months, excitement is building up across the country in all things rugby. Our ongoing support of Ivy Bridge Rugby Club is one which we pride ourselves in and we have received…