<span>Intumescent Steel Paint</span>Intumescent steel paint for fire protecting structural steel up to 120 minutes <span>Intumescent Wood Paint</span>Intumescent wood paint and varnished to fire timber up to 60min

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UK Suppliers of Intumescent Paint, Fire Retardant and Fire Resistant Paint

Give it a fighting chance with fire retardant paint!

Your search for fire retardant paint ends right here. With a variety of Intumescent paint, fire resistant paint and varnishes ready for virtually any application, fire protection is our business.

We supply and specify Intumescent paint and varnishes for a variety of substrates: steel, timber, plaster and concrete. All products sold via our company are fully tested by 3rd party accredited test and research companies. All retardant test evidence for the products is available upon request as well as fire certification from our company.

It’s not enough for your Intumescent solutions to simply be fire retardant. Instead, you need a true fire barrier that can withstand extreme temperatures which is why our fire resistant paint is so popular. Our selection means the best retardant paint choices on the market today, keeping every structure safer. What’s more, though, is that with us, you get the unique combination of the power of heat resistance with an attractive finish.

Our retardant product range covers all aspects of fire protection from Intumescent paints through to fire stopping materials, if a product is not listed on our site then please Contact Us as we will have the paint and products in stock.