Fireproof Paint – Frequently Asked Questions has been set up specifically to cater for the commercial marketplace looking who are regular users of Fireproof, Fire Retardant & Intumescent Paint. Our company, ‘International Passive Fire Ltd’ is a well established business offering Fire Retardant Services across the UK. focuses on fireproof & intumescent products and services that will meet the needs of our clients whether an you are an individual painter & decorator working on a loft conversion or a developer of a large housing development.

The reason our current International Passive Fire customers choose us is because we have an unbeatable knowledge base to ensure you get the right passive fire products for the job you are doing. Our business is based on saving you time & money, but also providing quality products.

The product range offered by International Passive Fire Ltd. is highly expansive. We can provide you with intumescent paints and fire collars, to access panels all in the same order. We deal with not only manufacturers from the UK but also from Europe, making our range very comprehensive. This means we can offer Intumescent Products, Intumescent Paint, Epoxy Intumescent, Cementitious Sprays, Fire Barrier Curtains, Fire door Equipment and much more. Everything you need in just one place.

We have a 14 day no-quibble returns policy. All we ask is that the goods are sent back to us in a brand new unopened condition. You can read our full returns policy here.

Access panels cover and protect mechanical and electrical systems, whilst providing easy access to them. There are various different types, each with different characteristics and specifications. Metal door access panels can also come with a beaded frame. By plastering over the frame it can be concealed, showing only the door.

Riser doors are access panels which are suitable for walls and they can provide up to 120 minutes fire protection, to cover any opening in a wall. These products are bespoke, so they can be made to fit a range of hole sizes for a snug fit. Furthermore, they can be either beaded or picture framed, fire rated to 60, 90 or 120 minutes and acoustic rated to up to 36dB. If you have any questions about riser doors, or any of our other access panels, feel free to contact anyone in our team on 01752 690997.

As well as providing fire protection, our intumescent coatings can also provide a decorative finish to suit your aesthetic needs.

In summary, timber coatings can achieve a whole spectrum of finishes- from clear to painted and matt, satin or gloss.

Steel coatings, however, can only achieve a white or a different colour finish when coated in a topcoat.

Plasterboard coatings are similar in the sense that the standard finish is white. Some are compatible with topcoats that can be tinted, others can be tinted themselves.

If a painted finish is required, you will need to know the exact colour code that the top coat needs to be tinted to.

Please visit our Intumescent Paint section for more options.


If you feel that you may need pointing in the right direction with a particular job, we can help! We will help you choose the correct product specification for each of your projects that we supply materials for. We can produce a certificate of supply upon request. These certificates are deemed appropriate for building control purposes.