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Looking for fire retardant products that don’t just retard the growth of the flames, but actually stop it? This is the perfect place. Our products range from intumescent mastics to flame stopping pillows and batts. Intumescent collars and wraps.

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Envirograf Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Protection

Flexible intumescent sheet used to protect metal hinges, locks and door closers in a fire.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf FB70 Fire Barrier Curtain

A 1.2mm thick reinforced glass cloth curtain impregnated with insulation and intumescent coating, designed to be affixed to a range of surfaces and structures. Provides fire protection, the spread of flame, insulation, acoustic protection and smoke sealing.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Fire Door Foam

Fire Door Foam is a fully tested door frame that does not require any fire rated packers. It is an All In One solution for fitting doors. It offers up to 60 mins protection in gaps of up to 25mm. BS 476: Part 20 and...

FSI Pyropro HPE Sealant (Box of 25)

Pyropro HPE® Sealant is a water based, acrylic sealant utilising a reactive formula that has intumescent properties to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions where the penetrations of single or multiple services are present. Pyropro HPE® Sealant expands upon contact with...

Envirograf MG and MGL Intumescent Grilles

Metal grilles fitted with intumescent strips to be fitted either side of doors or walls.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Exitex Blue 60 Fire Rated Frame Foam (Box of 12)

Blue 60- Fire Rated Door Frame. It is with excitement that we bring this post as it is to introduce a brand new product and one of a kind within the industry. For many years there has been an on going debate about the use...

FSI Pyrolastic® Silicone Sealant (Box of 25)

Pyrolastic® Fire Resistant Silicone is used to seal linear joints in floor and wall constructions to reinstate the fire resistance performance. Pyrolastic® Fire Resistant Silicone has excellent movement and weathering capabilities, can be applied internally and externally, is supplied in 310ml cartridges and 600ml foils...

FSI Pyrocoustic® Intumescent Mastic (Box of 25)

Pyrocoustic® Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions where apertures are penetrated by multiple services and linear gap seals where wall and floor constructions abut. Pyrocoustic® Sealant is extensively tested for global requirements, it...

Envirograf Intumescent Glazing Strips

Intumescent Glazing Tape for 30 to 60 minute fire doors.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Acrylic and Acoustic Mastic (Box of 25)

A versatile, fire resistant sealant for fire-stopping gaps from 1mm to 60mm wide, which provides a permanent flexible seal against fire, smoke and toxic fumes.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Silicone Sealant (Box of 25)

An odourless, ready-to-use, flexible, halogen-free Silicone sealant, which reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible seal. Intumescent flexible silicone sealant for sealing gaps up to 50mm wide. [Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Downlighter Covers and Cages

A range of intumescent-lined, woven glass fabric covers and rigid metal cages to be used with downlighter fittings, providing a fire seal for maintaining the integrity and fire rating of a ceiling. Can be easily fitted from above or below in plasterboard or suspended ceilings....

Envirograf Fire Tents For Modular Light Fittings

A cover made from fire resistant material which is fixed over fluorescent light fittings or air conditioning units. Fully ventilated to prevent units from overheating.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Flexible Cavity Barrier Range

Not available to purchase online, please CONTACT US. A range of flexible, moisture-resistant cavity barriers for providing an effective fire and smoke seal in the cavity between brick or block walls. WB Flexible Foiled Cavity Barriers A barrier consisting of an intumescent strip faced with...

Envirograf Timber Frame Cavity Barrier Range

Not available to purchase online, please CONTACT US. A range of lightweight, adhesive-backed cavity barriers, ideal for use in timber-framed buildings, party walls and cavity surfaces with with a rendered finish. CV Strip Cavity Barrier A flexible, PVC and foil-clad intumescent strip with self-adhesive backing...

Envirograf Thermal Cavity Barrier

Not available to purchase online, please CONTACT US. Thermal cavity barrier ideal for cavities around door and window apertures.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Firoblok Intumescent Sleeves for Services

Intumescent sleeves to protect services passing through fire-rated ceilings, floors and walls.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Under-Floor Fire Barrier and Acoustic Barrier

Not available to purchase online, please CONTACT US. Fire and acoustic resistant barrier for use between joists over lath and plaster ceilings. A graphite impregnated cloth barrier covered with a reinforced craft paper, designed to provide fire protection and support to wooden flooring.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Fireproof Sponge

A black sponge that will not burn, just char, in the event of a fire, providing an extremely effective fire-stopping barrier. Supplied in a range of sizes and profiles to suit a variety of fire-stopping applications. [Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf FB30 Fire Barrier Curtain

A 1mm thick reinforced glass cloth curtain impregnated with an intumescent coating, designed to be affixed to a range of surfaces and structures. Provides fire protection, the spread of flame, insulation, acoustic protection and smoke sealing.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Expansion Joints

Compressible fireproof sponge strips with foil-clad intumescent material on one or two sides, for use as movement or expansion joints. They are easy to install and unaffected by water or chemicals. [Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Metal Fire Box and Flexible Fire Bag

Fire and smoke resistant letter bags and boxes to protect against arson. [Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Cable Tray Pillow

A reinforced glass cloth pillow filled with fireproof sponge and Intumescent material which expands to 3 times its original size in a Fire, fire stopping gaps in or around plastic and metal cable trays in walls, floors or ceilings. Pillows will expand at low pressure,...

Envirograf Envirobrick

A rectangular foam brick which fits around any shape or size of service, including cable trays, providing a temporary or permanent fire seal. Size: 200mm x 130mm x 50mm.  [Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]

Envirograf Intumescent Pads For Trunking

Pads with adhesive on one side which are designed to be fixed to the inside of plastic or metal trunking. The intumescent in the pads will expand in a fire and seal the inside of the trunking to prevent fire and smoke spreading through it....

Envirograf Multi-Purpose Box

A metal box lined with intumescent, with one detachable face to facilitate fitting. It has a fireproof sponge seal in the middle which can be cut to allow any type of service to pass through. The intumescent will expand inwards at high temperatures, creating an...

Envirograf Intumescent Pipe Collar

A hinged, two-part metal collar lined with intumescent material which expands in a fire. It has a quick-release pin to open the unit for fitting around a wide variety of metal or plastic pipes and cables.[Product-Page-Short-Description-Call-To-Action]
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