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We offer multiple services for many commercial sectors needing intumescent, fireproof and fire retardant paints & products.

Specification & Estimation

Our technical department are experts in all areas of passive fire protection and can produce free specifications and quotations upon request.

This service covers all of our intumescent paints and fire door upgrades. We can also give free technical advice on all other products.

If you require certification, we recommend using our specification service beforehand, as we can only produce a full certificate if you select the correct products to achieve your required fire rating.


Many of our customers require certification after we have supplied them with products, to show to building control for their approval.

We can supply you with a certificate of supply, provided that you have applied our products correctly and that the products you have selected have been fire tested to your specification.

For example, a customer who applies Pyroplast Wood T to softwood which is thicker than 10mm at its thinnest point and to a spreading rate of 14.3m2 according to the manufacturer’s instructions, qualifies for certification.

To apply for a certificate, please contact us after you have applied the products that we have supplied to you.


To access these services, contact our technical department on 01752 690997.

Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 5pm

Intumescent Paint

Our intumescent paints for steel, timber and plasterboard have been designed to achieve various different fire ratings, including up to 2 hours protection, a British Class 0/1 rating or a Euroclass B reaction to fire rating. To see the range of intumescent paints

Intumescent Seals

Fire can damage almost any material, but our flame retardant seals for doors can help slow the spread of fire, giving you valuable time until help arrives. Whether you need surface mounted or rebated seals, we have you covered. Our stock intumescent strips come in all the common commercial sizes 10×4, 15×4, 20×4. To see the range of intumescent seals

Fire Door Protection

Whether you need to upgrade your doors to fire doors, or add additional protection to fire rated doors, we can supply you with the products you need. From intumescent paints, varnishes and seals, to fire-rated ironmongery, our products are designed to ensure doors are able to provide adequate fire compartmentation. To see the range of fire door protection

Electrical Fire Protection

Protecting against electrical fires saves lives. Here you’ll find products that are designed to protect electrical equipment. From cable tray pillows to putty pads and other fire stopping products. The perfect way to protect some of the most valuable equipment in the building, our products are a cost saving measure you’re certainly going to want to implement. To see the range of electrical fire protection

You want things to look attractive, but fire rated products are so much safer, right? Now you don’t have to choose! Check out our full line of products such as fire rated self-closing hinges and door closers in a choice of different finishes for beauty and protection in one amazing package. To see the range of fire door protection

Fire Stopping Products

Compartmentation of a building is crucial in fire safety. Our fire stopping products cover all areas of building construction, including pipes, voids and electrical protection. To see the full range of fire stopping products

Cavity Fire Barriers

Our cavity barrier systems are designed to offer up to 2 hours integrity and insulation performance. We can provide you with ventilated and non-ventilated barriers, suitable for different cavities. They all enable drainage and adequate airflow throughout the cavity. To see the full range of cavity barriers

Access Panels

Our range of access panels caters for many needs across industries. With a choice of plastic, metal and plasterboard faced panels, means that you will find what you need. We cover different ratings, frame types, locks supplied and if need be, even bespoke sizing if stock does not meet you requirements. To see the full range of access panels


International Passive Fire Ltd are leading suppliers of fire retardant, fireproof & intumescent paint and products. is one of the UK’s market leaders for the supply of Fireproofing products, Fire Retardant or Intumescent Paint to both public and trade sectors. We have a team of fireproofing experts on-hand to answer any questions you may have, for added peace of mind that the correct products have been purchased to meet the intended requirements.

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