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Protecta’s putty cord fits around narrow service penetrations very easily. It is also a good solution for where there are no gaps and conventional fire-rated sealant cannot be used due to the required depth and backing material.

This putty cord sealant is fire and sound rated, it can be worked by hand and reused, as it is non-setting.

The packs come in pre-shaped moldable pads which are push-fit self adhesive.

Each pack contains 5 cords, each measuring ø 15mm x 20cm

It can achieve up to 90 minutes fire protection.

For more information, read the detailed description below or contact us on 01752 690997.

Putty Cord – Protecta

This red, silicone-based putty cord is mainly used around cable & pipe penetrations.

When installed correctly, it stops the penetration of both cold and hot smoke.

No tools are required for fitting.

It is ideal for using in wet rooms, as it is unaffected by moisture.

It is also VOC and solvent free, so good for the environment.

Its working life is at least 25 years.

The FR Putty Cord can be reused and re-serviced. This is because it doesn’t set.

Tested for air permeability up to 1000Pa.



This putty cord has been tested at BRE (UKAS accredited); according to EN ISO 140-3:1995.

Single number quantities were calculated in accordance with EN ISO 717-1:1997.

The test report is available upon request.


Application & Storage:

Application temperature = 4°C – 40°C

Storage temperature = 5°C – 30°C

The Putty Cord circular strips can be applied by hand, without the need of any tools.


Please ensure that the gap between services that you are sealing is between 0mm and 10mm.

The minimum separation between apertures must be at least 30mm.

Larger joint dimensions require other Protecta products, such as EX Mortar, FR Board, FR Acyrlic and FR IPT.


Supporting Constructions:

Flexible walls must be at least 100mm thick and be made of either steel or timber studs, lined on both faces with a minimum of 2 layers of 12.5mm thick boards.

Rigid walls must be at least 100mm thick and be made of either concrete, aerated concrete or masonry which has a minimum density of 650kg/m3

Rigid floors must be at least 150mm thick and be made of aerated concrete or concrete which has a minimum density of 650kg/m3

For full details, please read the installation instructions which are available in the data sheets tab above.


For more information, please contact our technical team on 01752 690997. The technical data sheet is also in the tab above.


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