Envirograf Intumescent Acrylic and Acoustic Mastic (Box of 25)

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A versatile, fire resistant sealant for fire-stopping gaps from 1mm to 60mm wide, which provides a permanent flexible seal against fire, smoke and toxic fumes. Available in four colour variations: white, grey, brown and black.

Supplied in 25 x 310ml tubes.

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A halon-free, acoustic intumescent mastic with good adhesion to all materials. For use as a seal between door frames and walls, around edges of partitions, or in voids around services such as pipes- Can be used in conjunction with Envirograf Intumescent Slabs (Products 4 and 5), Blocks (Products 2 and 3) and Expansion Joints (Products 39 and 40) to provide a robust penetration seal.

Can be painted over for decorative purposes.

Supplied in 310ml tubes, they can be used with any normal skeleton gun.

The white and grey mastic glows in the dark and in a smoke-filled room.

Application Instructions

A minimum of 12mm depth is required around ceiling, floor and wall joints in computer areas. This prevents Halon gas escaping.

All surfaces should be sound and clean. Oily surfaces should be wiped with white spirit and then dried.

Dry, dusty brickwork must be moistened prior to application of Envirograf Intumescent Mastic, using a normal skeleton gun. Extrude the mastic firmly against the sides of the joint, ensuring firm contact.

Can be painted over only after surface skin has formed.

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AM – 310ml tubes x 25 | White

AM – 310ml tubes x 25 | Coloured



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