Envirograf Intumescent Fireproof Sponge

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A black sponge that will not burn, just char, in the event of a fire, providing an extremely effective fire-stopping barrier. Supplied in a range of sizes and profiles to suit a variety of fire-stopping applications.

A new type of expansion joint, where the sponge is impregnated with a fireproof material, which will expand around cables and services in a fire, giving a smoke/gas and fire seal.


Provides 1-2 hours integrity, dependent on thickness- Available in a range of thicknesses from 10mm-60mm.

Can be used as an expansion joint in fire walls, floors, concrete slabs and steelwork.

Non-fibrous sponge, ideal for under raised floors in computer suites and in hospitals.

Sponge will expand in a fire, making it an ideal seal for service penetrations through a range of substrates.

Installing at a depth of 30mm into the wall will achieve 1 hour fire protection, where at a 40mm depth it achieves 2 hours fire protection.


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