Aithon F4X Fire Retardant Topcoat – 5kg

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Aithon F4X is a fire retardant topcoat, which is to be used in conjunction with Aithon AL20X only.

It can be used as a decorative finish, tinted to any of the RAL or BS numbers. Please contact us if this is required. This topcoat produces a matt finish.

2 coats of F4X must be applied to AL20X on external timber, to seal the intumescent.

Spreading rate per coat of F4X = 83.4m² per 5kg per coat.

Please see complete spreading rates and application conditions below.

Available only within the UK Market.

To be used in conjunction with Aithon AL20X only.

Aithon F4X produces a matt finish.

Spreading rates:

  • For external timber – 2 coats at 83.4m² per 5kg per coat. So 5kg is needed per 41.7m² of timber.
  • For internal timber (decorative finish) – 1 coat at 83.4m² per 5kg

It can be tinted to any RAL or BS colour code. – This process can take up to 3 working days. Please contact us if this is required.


Application Conditions:

Please ensure that the product is applied and dried in conditions that are warmer than 5°C and that ambient humidity is lower than 70%.

The moisture content of the timber should be checked and must be below 12% before application of the AL20X.

The AL20X basecoat must be completely dry before applying the F4X topseal with the moisture content being checked again and below 12% before application of the F4X topseal.


Application Instructions


AL20X and F4X can be applied by brush, roller or a spray gun.

Stir the products thoroughly before application.

Clean tools with water and natural detergent.



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