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Everbuild is a forward thinking company that was established in 1994 who proactively think about innovation which has rewarded them with global sales in excess of £108M.

Due to Everbuild being owned by Sika AG, means that they has access to a wealth of information and product knowledge which facilitates the further development.

Not only are they ISO 9001 accredited, but products comply with British Standards & CE  comprehensive fire, acoustic and thermal tests. Environmental Standards OHSAS 14001 has also been met as well as Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard OHSAS 18001.

Their range of heat resistant products for stoves has proven popular with our client base. From fire and flue cement to heat resistant silicone, Everbuild have manufactured tested products.

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EverBuild HeatMate Sealant (Black Silicone-Box of 12)

£48.00 ex Vat
Heat Mate Sealant is a high modulus permanently flexible 100% high-temperature silicone which is temperature resistant up to 300°C. Ideal for sealing industrial and high-performance gaskets, oven doors etc. Heat Mate cures quickly to reduce dirt pickup. It remains permanently flexible, forming a weathertight rubber-like...

EverBuild KOS Fire Cement 1kg Tub (Box of 12)

£0.00 ex Vat
KOS FIRE CEMENT is a ready mixed blend of thermal setting resins and inorganic fillers that cure when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is resistant to temperatures up to 1250˚C. Can be used for domestic and commercial applications on fire bricks, fire...

EverBuild Heat Resistant Paint Aerosol (Box of 12)

£0.00 ex Vat
Heat Resistant Paint in an aerosol is a protective and decorative paint which is heat stable at temperatures up to 600°C. It is suitable for use on domestic stoves, furnace chimneys, industrial ovens, and exhausts. It can be used as a single coat, or two...

EverBuild Flue Cement (Box of 12)

£0.00 ex Vat
KOS FLUE CEMENT is a high temperature (to 1250°C) ready mixed fireproof mortar paste, designed for the safe installation/jointing of Type A1 (BSEN1857) concrete flue liners (previously known as class 1) for use with domestic fires and stoves e.g. coal, wood burning or gas (including...
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