Envirograf Hinge, Lock, and Door Closer Protection (Hinge Paper)

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Flexible intumescent sheet used to protect metal hinges, locks and door closers in a fire.


A flexible, 1mm-thick intumescent protection sheet, unaffected by moisture. For use behind hinges and steel door closers, and around lock areas which require protection on a fire rated door. When installed the sheet compresses without compromising its protective qualities, unlike mastic which is ineffective for hinge, lock, and door closure protection.  


Supplied in a 300mm x 300mm sheet which can easily be cut to fit making installation quick and convenient. Protects metalwork on doors for up to 91 minutes.

Intumescent paper cools the lock, hinges, and screws and protects them from overheating in the event of a fire.


Application Instructions:

Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Protection (Hinge Paper):

Hinges: Remove hinges from both door and frame, cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size, sandwich it between hinge and rebate on both door and frame, then screw the hinges back into place.

Lock & Keep: Remove lock, cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size, wrap it around the lock and sandwich it between the lock and door as you replace the lock. Place paper under the keep plate as well.

Door Closer: Before fitting a door closer sandwich the pre-cut Envirograf® intumescent paper between the closer and the door face, then fasten the closer to the door.

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HP300 300mm x 300mm

We can also supply a wide range or fire rated hinges and closers; please contact the office for prices, and to discuss your requirements.


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