Envirograf Intumescent Wraps

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A strip of intumescent material clad in foil which can be cut to size and wrapped around any type of pipe or cable, providing an effective fire stopping barrier. Available in a wide range of sizes, or in a 10m continuous roll form which can be cut to any size. Flexible intumescent wraps to seal gaps and voids around cables and pipes.

Envirograf Intumescent Wraps

Envirograf’s intumescent wraps are designed to create a fire stopping barrier around pipes and cables. They can be cut to size, to fit around any type of pipe or cable.

Application areas:

These units can be installed in:

How do intumescent pipe wraps work?

The intumescent material in the pipe wraps expands when heated. This insulates the substrate and seals it off. The wraps crush PVC pipes, trunking and cables, to seal the fire off. They are used on steel pipes to cool them down, to prevent them from overheating.

These pipe wraps can achieve up to 4 hours fire protection.


They can be used around cables and pipes with a wide range of diameters: between 15mm and 600mm.

They crush PVC and UPVC pipes and cables in a fire, to prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a given time period.

By insulating metal pipes, heat spread is reduced throughout the structure.

These wraps can either be bought individually, or on a continuous 10m roll, making them highly versatile.

The materials will last a lifetime in-situ.

Order References and sizes:

When individual wraps are desired, please select the internal wrap diameter required, based off the table below.

For continuous wraps, please bear in mind the following:

The EWE1 15-200mm continuous wraps are suitable for pipes with diameters of 15-200mm. They can achieve up to 3 hours fire protection.

The EWE2 40-400mm continuous wraps are suitable for pipes with diameters of 40-400mm. They can achieve up to 4 hours fire protection.

REF              PIPE SIZE      INTERNAL        EXTERNAL

                    INTERNAL         WRAP                WRAP    

                   DIAMETER    DIAMETER        DIAMETER         


EW 18             015mm           018mm              024mm

EW 25             022mm           025mm              031mm

EW 33             025mm           033mm              039mm

EW 40             032mm           040mm              046mm

EW 50             040mm           050mm              056mm

EW 55             050mm           055mm              061mm

EW 60             055mm           060mm              066mm

EW 83             065mm           083mm              091mm

EW 90             075mm           090mm              98mm

EW115           100mm           115mm              123mm

EW135           125mm           135mm              145mm

EW150           130mm           150mm              160mm

EW165           150mm           165mm              177mm

EW215     175 or 200mm     215mm              229mm

EW250           225mm           250mm              266mm

EW300           250mm           300mm              320mm

EW350           250mm           350mm              374mm

EW400           350mm           400mm              452mm

EW450           400mm           450mm              506mm

EW500           450mm           500mm              564mm

EW600           500mm           600mm              676mm

Application Instructions – individual wraps:

The individual wraps can be wrapped around the pipe or cable where they pass through walls, floors, or ceilings.

Use the adhesive strip on the wrap to fix both ends of the wrap together.

Finally, push the wrap into the hole around the service, leaving 10mm protruding from the wall face which can be pointed around where necessary.

Application Instructions – continuous wraps:

These wraps are applied in layers, depending on the size of your pipe.

REF                       WRAP WIDTH                                          WRAP LENGTH                                                                           

EWE1                           30mm                                                           10m

1 layer for 15-65mm diameter pipe, 2 layers for 75-127mm diameter pipe, 3 layers for 160mm-200mm diameter pipe.

REF                       WRAP WIDTH                                          WRAP LENGTH                                                                                

EWE2                           50mm                                                           10m

1 layer for 40-115mm diameter pipe, 2 layers for 127- 215mm diameter pipe, 3 layers for 250mm-400mm diameter pipe


Use the adhesive strip to the pipe once cut to size.



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