Envirograf Intumescent Cable Tray Pillow

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A reinforced glass cloth pillow filled with fireproof sponge and Intumescent material which expands to 3 times its original size in a Fire, fire stopping gaps in or around plastic and metal cable trays in walls, floors or ceilings. Pillows will expand at low pressure, locking together to seal off fire without negatively impacting the integrity of the cable tray.

An intumescent compressible pillow for use with cable trays. Meeting the revised 17th Edition IEE Regulations. Where cable trays penetrate walls, floors and ceilings, the pillow can be used to fill the opening. A tag can be riveted to the tray to prevent loss during maintenance/servicing.


Provide up to 4 hours integrity.

For use when cold smoke, as well as fire protection, is required in steel or plastic cable trays passing through walls, floors and ceilings.

Can be fitted with cord and 100mm retention tag to fix the pillows in place as a permanent solution.

Great for use around cables which are regularly adjusted.

Non-fibrous, dust-free materials are suitable for use in sterile areas or clean rooms.

Application Instructions:

Intumescent Cable Tray Pillows are available in a range of sizes to suit standard sizes of cable tray.

Used where cable trays pass through fire-rated ceilings, floors and walls.

The pillows are simply pushed into place in the wall, floor or Ceiling opening where the cable tray passes through.

Supplied with a fitted cord and retention tag which can be riveted or screwed onto the cable tray to ensure pillows will be refitted after removal for maintenance or access.


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