Envirograf Multi-Purpose Box

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A metal box lined with intumescent, with one detachable face to facilitate fitting. It has a fireproof sponge seal in the middle which can be cut to allow any type of service to pass through. The intumescent will expand inwards at high temperatures, creating an effective fire and smoke seal.

The multi-purpose box comprises a box section housing intumescent materials, with a detachable top section, which can be removed, allowing the unit to be used in tight corners or over existing services. The fixing brackets are adjustable by bending them flat for fitting into corners, or when the box is flush against the floor or ceiling. A fire-resistant sponge smoke seal is supplied with each unit. The sponge is used where service holes are not filled. The multi-purpose box is the most versatile of its kind available and has been specifically designed for most installation requirements where services pass through fire barrier walls, ceilings or floors.


A versatile solution to the problem of services passing through walls, floors and ceilings, offering up to 4 hours protection

Detachable face plate allows for the box to be fitted in tight corners

Adjustable brackets can be bent flat to fit flush against flat surfaces such as walls or ceilings or kept at a right-angled position to fit in corners

Application Instructions:

For standard open areas, simply place the box over the services, use the smoke seal if required, and screw into position. If the services are already in place, remove the detachable section, fix the ‘U’ section first then slide back the detachable section and fix the smoke seal if required.

When the unit is flush against a ceiling, floor, wall, or corner simply bend the fixing brackets flat and screw into position.

When using the multi-purpose box to fit around existing services in a tight corner, simply remove the detachable section and fix the ‘U’ section into position. Fixing brackets can be bent flat if required. Replace the detachable section and fix to finish.

Insert the smoke seal if required.


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