Discreet Fire Rated Loft Hatches – 1 Hour Fire Rating

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Our standard-sized loft hatches are designed to be discreet, whilst being fire rated to 1 hour.

They come in two sizes: 535x635mm and 535x745mm.

These are suitable for opening sizes of: 540x640mm and 540x750mm

  • Picture frame or beaded frame available
  • SLIK Invisible Keyhole lock
  • U-Value 0.35W/m2K
  • Acoustic rating reductions from 38dB to 49dB.
  • Pivot hinge on short edge as standard
  • Complies with all the building regulations for insulation, air tightness, L1 & L2, NHBC size requirements

Discreet Fire Rated Loft Hatches

Our standard sized fire rated loft hatches are manufactured with either a 10mm wide picture frame or a beaded frame.

The panel has a metal faced door.

The panel door leaf locks with a SLIK Invisible Keyhole lock, which uses a square drive lock key.

This panel is finished in a polyester powder coated white textured finish, which can also be over-painted.

The standard colour finish is RAL 9010, 20% gloss.

There are two standard sizes: 535x635mm and 535x745mm.

If you wish to customise this product, please contact us on 01752 690997.


This fire rated loft hatch has been fire tested in a timber stud/plasterboard ceiling. This ceiling was comprised of two layers of 12.5mm thick British Gypsum Fireline plasterboard fixed to 100mm x 50mm softwood joists.

The panel is 1-hour fire rated for integrity in a ceiling application, tested in accordance with B.S. 476: Part 22:1987.

It also achieves up to 18 minutes of insulation.

Our fire rated loft hatches have been tested to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995, to achieve acoustic reductions of 38dB to 49dB.

In terms of air tightness, they have been tested to BS EN 13141-1: 2004. At 2 Pa the leakage rate is 0.43m³/h.m².

How is this fire rated loft hatch constructed?

The panel is manufactured from Zintec steel with a 1.2mm frame.

The panel door leaf is hinged by a full-length piano hinge.

The depth of the panel is 90mm.

The standard lock uses a square drive lock key


Make sure the structural opening is at least 5mm larger than the panel size.

The loft hatch has pre-punched fixing holes for simple installation.

For full installation instructions, please contact us on 01752 690997, or email sales@fireproofpaint.co.uk

*This product is manufactured by the Access Panel Company.


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