Envirograf FB30 Fire Barrier Curtain

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Envirograf’s FB30 Fire Barrier Curtain is a 1mm thick reinforced glass cloth fire curtain, which has an intumescent coating impregnated into it.

The Envirograf FB70 curtain is a 1.2mm thick by 1.22m wide curtain, which can be ordered per linear metre.

It can be attached to a wide variety of surfaces and structures, including trunking, steel, concrete and timber.

As this barrier is non-fibrous and dust-free, it is suitable for clean rooms, hospitals and computer suites.

It can achieve up to 36 minutes integrity and 15 minutes insulation. It also has a Class 0 spread of flame fire rating.

PRICED PER LINEAR METRE (maximum 40m per roll).

FB30 Fire Curtain

The FB30 Fire Curtain is a reinforced glass cloth impregnated with intumescent material. Available in 1220mm widths, as standard or acoustic versions, and in any length (maximum 40 metres on a roll).

FB30 barriers can achieve up to 36 minutes fire integrity and 15 minutes insulation.

The curtain can be fixed to both timber and steel trusses, or between concrete soffits and suspended ceilings.

It can provide additional fire protection between floorboards and secondary floors.

Also, it is ideal for drop curtains in a size for up to 10m.

Often metal straps are needed for installation.


PRICED PER LINEAR METRE (maximum 40m per roll).

The Envirograf FB30 curtain is ideal for use in clean rooms, computer suites & hospitals. This is because it is a non-fibrous and dust free material.

The insulated version has Envirograf’s sponge attached to one face of the cloth.

In many cases, services can pass through the curtain if appropriately fire sealed with products such as Envirograf’s pipe collars and multi-purpose fire box.


Application Instructions:

All FB30 fire curtains are supplied with sufficient adhesive for the 50 mm overlap. The adhesive can be applied to one face and pressed together, although it is best to apply a small layer to each face and apply together, giving a much quicker bond.

Just hold together for approximately 1 minute, to allow the adhesive to grip. 1 litre of Adhesive is sufficient for 50 metres of curtain.

Should the curtain be installed in a windy area, Envirograf ST50 or ST75 Class 0 Adhesive Tape can be applied over the glued joint to hold it more securely while the Adhesive dries.

For fixing the top, bottom and ends of the Curtain; for timber supports use Envirograf FB/T Battens, fixed through to the timber with 30 mm large head clout nails.

For concrete, block or brick fixing, use FB/C Metal Straps – 25 mm wide, with 2 mm holes every 300 mm apart. These can be fixed with spit nails, screws, pop rivets (steel) or self-tapping screws to the steel work.

When cutting around services is required;

  1. Wrap around the service with a section of the curtain and adhere together using the adhesive.
  2. Cut a cross – X – in the barrier to allow the service through. Once the service is wrapped, adhere the cut area of the curtain to the wrapped service.
  3. If necessary, fit a patch over the curtain with the adhesive, using a section of the curtain as the patch.


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