Envirograf Surface Mounted Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals

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Envirograf intumescent seals which are surface-mounted onto doors and door frames, sealing off fire and smoke.

A surface-mounted intumescent fire or fire and smoke seal available in a range of colours and wood veneer finishes. Supplied as a pack with intumescent paper for use around lock and hinge areas.

Provide up to 66 minutes of fire protection- Seals fit directly over hinges with no hinge bind. No gap is necessary on hinge side.

Once fitted the face of the seal can be painted, although the brush smoke seal must not be painted.

Application Instructions:

Peel off backing paper from the self-adhesive fixing strip starting on the brush side and, with the smoke seal touching the door stop, press the intumescent seal into position. The seal can be easily cut with a sharp knife to fit around lock areas.

Two 1100mm lengths are supplied for fitting down the closing stile and these are 2.4mm thick. One 1000mm long x 2.4mm thick strip is supplied for the head of the door


Two 1100mm long strips (1mm thick in standard version and 2.3mm thick in plastic version) are supplied for the back of the door frame, and these adhere from top to bottom, over the hinges (this helps to cool the hinges and screws in a fire).

Intumescent paper is supplied for application around a rebated lock, to cool the lock in a fire. Remove lock from door, cut Envirograf® intumescent paper to size, wrap it around lock and sandwich it between the lock and door as you replace the lock.

Also place paper under the keep plate. Labels are supplied for single or double doors, printed “Fire Door – Keep Shut”. These seals comply with BS476 Part 22. The intumescent seals can be painted or varnished over but the brush must not be painted.

If the brush is accidentally painted over it can be easily replaced by ordering Envirograf® Product 72 brush seals as replacements. Note: panel pins are supplied to secure through the brush smoke seal at each end and every 300mm apart along its length.

These panel pins must be fitted as requested by building control officers and fire officers.

ES/SDS                                 Single door set                     Brown, white

ES/DDS                                 Double door set                   Brown, white


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  • What is the difference between rebated and surface mounted seals?
    Rebated seals are hidden in rebates, making them ideal for doors which can be modified which also want to look as unaltered as possible.Surface mounted seals are easier to install and simply fix onto the exterior part of the door. Oftentimes they are more expensive, however, although are appealing due to the quick install time, which could also save you money.



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