Envirograf EP/FS/INT Steel Intumescent Paint Coating 1L

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EP/FS/INT Steel Intumescent 1L Coating for structural steel and cast iron. Water-based intumescent coating for the protection of steel. Can be easily applied to surfaces by brush, roller or spray, to provide UP TO 90 minutes fire protection.

Suitable for internal steels.

Please contact our technical department on 01752 690997, for a full specification on your steels and for guidance on the Envirograf range of steel paints.

EP/FS/INT Steel Intumescent 1L Coating for structural steel and cast iron.

Water based intumescent coating for the protection of steel. Has a smooth finish which can be easily painted over with any good quality paint for decorative purposes. Can be easily applied to surfaces by brush, roller or spray.

Unprotected steel can lead to building construction collapsing in a fire. Extreme temperatures, such as those present in a fire, cause steels to lose their load bearing capacity, which leads to structural failure. By protecting steels correctly with intumescent paint, buildings can be preserved and ultimately lives can be saved, by increasing the time needed to extinguish the fire.


  • Envirograf’s EP/FS/INT offers up to and including 90 minutes of protection against fire.
  • It can be applied both on and off site, to various different types of steels.
  • It is water-based and has low-odour properties
  • Please contact us for information on compatible top sealers.
  • Ideal for internal protection of structural steel
  • Dries in approximately one hour under normal conditions
  • Use the EP/FS Primer to prepare bare steel before applying this intumescent.
  • Using the EP/FS Primer, this product can be applied onto painted steelwork.

Application Instructions

For application instructions, please contact our technical department on 01752 690997, or sales@fireproofpaint.co.uk.


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Data Sheets

  • What is the spreading rate of this paint?
    With all intumescent paints for steel, there is no fixed spreading rate. This is because the amount needed varies depending on the size and shape of your steels.For a full specification, please email us the steel paint enquiry form, which can be found in the data sheets tab. Email address: sales@fireproofpaint.co.uk
  • How much does intumescent paint expand?
    Intumescent paint expands to 50 times its dry film thickness. It is important that there is enough room around your steels to accommodate for this expansion gap.
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