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Envirograf Intumescent Block Grilles – Standard Sizes

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Envirograf’s block grilles are non-clogging and provide a 90% free ventilation area. The intumescent material seals this completely in the event of a fire.


  • metal plates with intumescent clad and covered in foil.
  • wire mesh frontage

These grilles have a highly extensive size range.

Standard depth of 38mm.

Please note that these are NOT stock items, but can usually be manufactured within 24 hours of receipt of order.

Please contact us on 01752 690997 for a quote if a bespoke size is needed.

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– Suitable for use in fire barrier walls and ceilings, doors and duct openings

– The fire seal is effective for up to 4 hours. Air free movement is maintained once sealed.

– All of the standard grilles are rectangular, although circular grilles can be made to order upon request.

Application instructions:

Ensure you purchase the correct size grille, in relation to your opening size.

Simple installation- these grilles simply slot into place by pushing them.

If necessary, mastic or silicone sealant can be used around the edges.

Upon request, to make the grilles suitable for ceiling installation, they can be manufactured with lugs which can be screwed into place.

These grilles are compatible with any type of grille front, although we can quote for Envirograf ones.


Grille Size

100x100mm, 100x125mm, 100x150mm, 100x175mm, 100x200mm, 100x225mm, 100x250mm, 100x275mm, 100x300mm, 100x325mm, 100x350mm, 100x375mm, 100x400mm, 100x425mm, 100x450mm, 100x475mm, 100x500mm, 125x100mm, 125x125mm, 125x150mm, 125x175mm, 125x200mm, 125x225mm, 125x250mm, 125x275mm, 125x300mm, 125x325mm, 125x350mm, 125x375mm, 125x400mm, 125x425mm, 125x450mm, 125x475mm, 125x500mm, 150x100mm, 150x125mm, 150x150mm, 150x175mm, 150x200mm, 150x225mm, 150x250mm, 150x275mm, 150x300mm, 150x325mm, 150x350mm, 150x375mm, 150x400mm, 150x425mm, 150x450mm, 150x475mm, 150x500mm, 175x100mm, 175x125mm, 175x150mm, 175x175mm, 175x200mm, 175x225mm, 175x250mm, 175x275mm, 175x300mm, 175x325mm, 175x350mm, 175x375mm, 175x400mm, 175x425mm, 175x450mm, 175x475mm, 175x500mm, 200x100mm, 200x125mm, 200x150mm, 200x175mm, 200x200mm, 200x225mm, 200x250mm, 200x275mm, 200x300mm, 200x325mm, 200x350mm, 200x375mm, 200x400mm, 200x425mm, 200x450mm, 200x475mm, 200x500mm, 225x100mm, 225x125mm, 225x150mm, 225x175mm, 225x200mm, 225x225mm, 225x250mm, 225x275mm, 225x300mm, 225x325mm, 225x350mm, 225x375mm, 225x400mm, 225x425mm, 225x450mm, 225x475mm, 225x500mm, 250x100mm, 250x125mm, 250x150mm, 250x175mm, 250x200mm, 250x225mm, 250x250mm, 250x275mm, 250x300mm, 250x325mm, 250x350mm, 250x375mm, 250x400mm, 250x425mm, 250x450mm, 250x475mm, 250x500mm, 275x100mm, 275x125mm, 275x150mm, 275x175mm, 275x200mm, 275x225mm, 275x250mm, 275x275mm, 275x300mm, 275x325mm, 275x350mm, 275x375mm, 275x400mm, 275x425mm, 275x450mm, 275x475mm, 275x500mm, 300x100mm, 300x125mm, 300x150mm, 300x175mm, 300x200mm, 300x225mm, 300x250mm, 300x275mm, 300x300mm, 300x325mm, 300x350mm, 300x375mm, 300x400mm, 300x425mm, 300x450mm, 300x475mm, 300x500mm, 325x100mm, 325x125mm, 325x150mm, 325x175mm, 325x200mm, 325x225mm, 325x250mm, 325x275mm, 325x300mm, 325x325mm, 325x350mm, 325x375mm, 325x400mm, 325x425mm, 325x450mm, 325x475mm, 325x500mm, 350x100mm, 350x125mm, 350x150mm, 350x175mm, 350x200mm, 350x225mm, 350x250mm, 350x275mm, 350x300mm, 350x325mm, 350x350mm, 350x375mm, 350x400mm, 350x425mm, 350x450mm, 350x475mm, 350x500mm, 375x100mm, 375x125mm, 375x150mm, 375x175mm, 375x200mm, 375x225mm, 375x250mm, 375x275mm, 375x300mm, 375x325mm, 375x350mm, 375x375mm, 375x400mm, 375x425mm, 375x450mm, 375x475mm, 375x500mm, 400x100mm, 400x125mm, 400x150mm, 400x175mm, 400x200mm, 400x225mm, 400x250mm, 400x275mm, 400x300mm, 400x325mm, 400x350mm, 400x375mm, 400x400mm, 400x425mm, 400x450mm, 400x475mm, 400x500mm, 425x100mm, 425x125mm, 425x150mm, 425x175mm, 425x200mm, 425x225mm, 425x250mm, 425x275mm, 425x300mm, 425x325mm, 425x350mm, 425x375mm, 425x400mm, 425x425mm, 425x450mm, 425x475mm, 425x500mm, 450x100mm, 450x125mm, 450x150mm, 450x175mm, 450x200mm, 450x225mm, 450x250mm, 450x275mm, 450x300mm, 450x325mm, 450x350mm, 450x375mm, 450x400mm, 450x425mm, 450x450mm, 450x475mm, 450x500mm, 475x100mm, 475x125mm, 475x150mm, 475x175mm, 475x200mm, 475x225mm, 475x250mm, 475x275mm, 475x300mm, 475x325mm, 475x350mm, 475x375mm, 475x400mm, 475x425mm, 475x450mm, 475x475mm, 475x500mm, 500x100mm, 500x125mm, 500x150mm, 500x175mm, 500x200mm, 500x225mm, 500x250mm, 500x275mm, 500x300mm, 500x325mm, 500x350mm, 500x375mm, 500x400mm, 500x425mm, 500x450mm, 500x475mm, 500x500mm


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