Intumescent Strip

In the event of a fire, it’s essential to buy valuable time until emergency personnel arrive to help protect both those inside and the structure itself. While there are lots of intumescent solutions, one of the most important is the intumescent strip. Designed to keep both flames and smoke out for between thirty and sixty minutes, those behind a seal like this, as well as the property standing behind it, stands a solid chance of making it out of the fire completely unharmed.

Understanding Intumescent Products

If you’re not yet familiar with the technology, intumescent products create a fire barrier that’s unachievable without this scientific breakthrough. An intumescent strip, and any related product, expands as the temperature heats up, literally creating a barrier between you and the flames, as well as the related smoke. Our intumescent strips can expand to many times their original size, blocking the dangers of a fire until help arrives.

Easy Application

Whether you’re in the midst of building something new or you’re simply retrofitting a home, flat, or commercial structure to be a bit safer, all of our intumescent strip products are easy to apply. Ideal for doors, frames, or glazing applications, intumescent strips a fairly simple add-on that means saving lives should a fire ever occur. They come in fairly standard sizes to help ease the ordering process.

The Aesthetics of intumescent Product

Many worry more about how an intumescent solution like this one might look than how it will protect against fire, but even here, we can help. Available in colours that will match almost any existing décor, you’ll get durable protection that looks amazing with all of our intumescent strips.

If you’re not quite sure which of our intumescent products might be right to meet your fire protection needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away so we can help you create a better system of fire protection.

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