Blue 60-Fire Rated Door Frame Foam

Information received from Exitex suggests that more information such as data sheets on Blue 60 will be available from April. Exitex have also highlighted the Blue 60 Fire Rated Packers which are a true compliment to the foam.

The Door frame foam has been “specially formulated” to work with the packers.

There are 3 available sizes which can be identified by corresponding colours. Exitex claims that they offer 60 mins to timber door sets without using additional mastic or sealants.
As soon as more information is released from Exitex about the Blue 60, we will post it so keep up to date on our Blog Section.

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  1. Hi, I have a joinery buisness working for most of the countries larges main contractors.
    Could you please send me the data sheets on this product, so I can pass them on the their H & S team.

    Many thanks, T Brown

    1. Good afternoon.

      Thank you for your comment.
      I have just sent the data sheets as requested.

      Should you not receive them, please do let us know.

      Many thanks.

      S. Bonifaz

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