Envirograf Silicone Fire Proof Sealant (Box of 25)

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A flexible silicone sealant which on curing is like rubber in consistency. For use as joints between many building elements and materials, giving a water-tight and gas-tight seal. For example, in steel, brick and blockwork, concrete, ceiling, walls and partitions (not suitable for sealing around heating stoves). Suitable for gaps up to 50mm wide.


A high-performance sealant, ideal for most glazing, sealing, bonding or repairing tasks- Compatible with water-based and solvent-based paints.

Neutral curing system – practically odourless.

Non-corrosive to metals.

Will adhere to most substrates without the need for priming.

Application Instructions:

High-performance sealant for most glazing, sealing, bonding, repairing tasks. For use at joints between many building elements and materials giving a water and gas-tight seal. Supplied in 310ml tubes, available in Black, White, Brown, Grey, Clear and suitable for alkaline substrates such as concrete, mortar and fibre cement.

Tack Free Time at 23ºc/50% relative humidity: 120 Minutes.

Skin Forming Time at 23ºc/50% relative humidity: 15-30 Minutes.


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