Fire Door Protection

In the UK, fire doors have to meet FD20, FD30, or FD60 standards. Those standards don’t just relate to the door, though. They also relate to the fittings and accessories used on that entryway. After all, if you want the power of flame resistance in a door, you must make sure every part of it will function to help you stay safe longer until help arrives.

Each fire door protection piece has to resist the degradation of the flame, so we work to provide simple solutions, ensuring that your door’s integrity isn’t compromised. Here are just a few of the products we offer:

  • Intumescent Seals.
  • Ironmongery.
  • Fire Door Upgrade Paints and Varnishes.
  • Take a moment to browse these accessories too.

Intumescent Letter Boxes: It’s not all that uncommon to see the door to a home or flat with fire protection of up to sixty minutes these days. The aperture for the letter box, though, creates real risk for those inside. Our intumescent letter boxes are designed for use on both FD20 and FD60 fire doors, helping you stay safer longer.

Intumescent Glazing Tape: The glazing in the fire door is essential so people can see those hazards ahead, but that glass creates a serious weakness. It could quickly slump, failing in the event of a fire. Our glazing tape holds the glass firmly in place. It’s available in both 30 and 60 minute protection ratings.

Intumescent MG Grilles: If air can move through it, you can bet smoke and fire can too. Our Intumescent MG grilles are designed to replace all of your traditional block grilles and face plates. Each offers 60 minutes of fire protection.

Intumescent Block Grilles: Easy to install on any fire-rated door, wall, or partition, our block grilles offer both 30 and 60 minutes of resistance, helping to create a solid block that the flames just can’t penetrate.

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