Intumescent Door Seals

Gaps around a fire door are fairly typical. They offer you the ability to open and close the door normally. The problem? Should a fire occur, they offer a way for flames and smoke to escape into the room, creating not only property damage, but also serious problems for those inside. Our intumescent door seals are the ideal way to give those inside just a bit more time until help arrives. Rated to protect the room behind the seal for thirty or sixty minutes, intumescent products are real fire protection when you need it most.

Easy Application:

As with many of our intumescent products, the intumescent door seal line is fairly easy to apply, even if you’re retrofitting. Whether you have some experience with intumescent products in the past or you’re just getting started by taking this life-saving step, you’ll find the included step-by-step instructions easy to follow, making the entire experience a simplistic one that is well worth the effort.

The Power of Intumescent Products:

If you’re new to the world of intumescent products, you may not understand just how valuable a seal or even the right paint system can be. In the event of a fire, a structure begins to weaken almost immediately. Smoke drifts everywhere, and those inside may not have a chance to get out before help arrives. Enter the technology of intumescent products. The intumescent door seal products, as well as paint, coatings, and anything else in our line, is designed to expand to many times its size in order to protect both the building’s structure and its occupants. Often it buys up to an hour of added time, keeping the fire and the smoke out until a fire crew can douse the flames. Life-saving technology, intumescent products are fire protection at its best.

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