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Extile Fire Rated Access Panels

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Extile Fire Rated Access Panels

All of our fire rated panels come with 1 hour rating and a budget lock as standard. With the FlipFix feature, it means that less time is needed to fit in comparison to standard access panels. Please note that bespoke access panels with up to...

Fire Rated Loft Hatches Up to 1 Hour

Not available to purchase online, please CONTACT US. Size ranges between 300 x 450 to 530 x 740 and beyond Picture frame or beaded frame available 1 Hour Rating Available with different type locks Panel dimensions and measurements applied to customer specification. Price On Application...

Extile Plastic Access Panels

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Extile Plastic Access Panels

The Exitile plastic panel is designed to fit into any wall where access is required to stop cocks, pipes etc. or simply used to fill unsightly holes, saving the need for expensive repairs. The high impact styrene plastic with UV stabilisers will not fade or...

Extile Plasterboard Faced Access Panels (Non-Fire Rated)

These non-fire rated access panels by Exitex have the FlipFix fitting device to save time installing. Each panel comes with a beaded frame and a budget lock in 4 different stock sizes. FlipFix technology allows you to save up to 80% of the time to...

Exitile Access Ltd have been operating in the manufacturing of access panels for many years now and continue to grow. They have a wide range of access panels that has been designed to work with the various wall and ceiling systems.

The Extile access panels have been designed to facilitate the entry to the cavities as well as ceiling voids, where controls and services need to be easily accessible in the case of emergency protocol or maintenance purposes.

Apart from access panels, Exitile have also been involved in the manufacture of pressed sheet metal products such as curved shadow gap trim, special ceiling tiles and more.

Some of the projects Exitile have been involved with include Wembley Stadium and Selfriges Retail store in London.

Some of the features of this range are:

 – 2 hour Fire rated as standard

 – Can reduce fitting/installing time by up to 80% when compared to wall/ceiling hatches

 – Removes extra material costs such as glue, screws and wood.

 – Custom sizing is available – Contact us for more information

 – Picture framed, metal faced dual purpose in white as standard

 – As standard it is supplied with a lock and a square key.

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