105 x 930mm Acoustic Drop Seal Surface Mounted discounted box quantity

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Introducing our range of surface-mounted drop-down seals designed for both internal and external applications on new or existing swing doors. The 930mm seal offers flexibility as it can be easily cut down by 150mm, accompanied by screws for straightforward installation. Achieve a maximum drop of 14mm to enhance door sealing.

For detailed installation instructions, please consult the provided fitting instructions data sheet or our technical department on 01752 690997.

The CCE Applique drop-down seals have undergone rigorous testing, with the IFT Rosenheim certification organization conducting 200,000 closing cycles to ensure durability. Additionally, Chiltern independently tested this product in accordance with BS 476: Part 20/22: 1987, and it has been approved for use on FD60 doors.

In compliance with BS EN 1634-3: 2004, our drop seals have undergone smoke testing to ensure optimal performance.

Experience superior acoustic efficiency with our Applique drop seals, boasting an impressive 37dB rating after thorough testing according to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 standards. Elevate the functionality of your doors with our reliable and tested drop-down seals.

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105 x 930mm Acoustic Drop Seal Surface Mounted discounted box quantity

Designed for ease of installation, the 930mm seal can be conveniently cut down by 150mm and is accompanied by screws for a hassle-free setup. Achieve a maximum drop of 14mm to enhance door sealing and refer to the fitting instructions data sheet above for detailed installation guidance.

Discover the features and benefits of our Applique Fire rated drop seals:

  • Elegant and resistant, tested to 200,000 closing cycles by IFT Rosenheim.
  • Certifire Approved: CF5995.
  • Equipped with a co-extruded self-extinguishing thermoplastic seal (rigid + soft) as standard. Custom seals and combinations are available upon request.
  • Features a standard plunger type, a self-directing articulated metal plunger with nylon cap, adjustable with a 3mm Allen wrench. Alternative plunger types are available upon request.
  • Standard color is silver anodized, with options for white or brown available upon request.

Manufactured and designed in Europe, our Applique drop seals undergo rigorous testing:

  • Independently tested by Chiltern, meeting the standards of BS 476: Part 20/22: 1987, suitable for FD60 doors.
  • Smoke tested to BS EN 1634-3: 2004 for optimal performance in various conditions.
  • Impressive acoustic rating of 37dB, tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.

Enhance your door functionality with the reliability and quality of Applique drop seals. Contact us for more information or to request alternative color options.



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Data Sheets

  • Can these drop down seals be cut down?
    Yes - you can cut down these drop down seals. Please buy the most appropriate size for your door. For example, an 800mm door width requires an 830mm seal.
  • What is the difference between surface mounted and rebated seals?
    Rebated seals are hidden in rebates, making them ideal for doors which can be modified which also want to look as unaltered as possible.Surface mounted seals are easier to install and simply fix onto the exterior part of the door. Oftentimes they are more expensive, however, although are appealing due to the quick install time, which could also save you money.

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