Expanding Fire Door Foam Guns

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A gun for the application of PU foam. Polyurethane foam can be used in the installation of windows and doors, filling, sealing and insulation in the construction industry.

We recommend it to be used in conjunction with our fire door foam products.

Can be cleaned with our fire door foam cleaner.

Features and benefits

• Reliable tool for professionals enabling multiple applications of polyurethane foam.

• Solid construction

• Easy application

• Adjusting the flow out of the foam

• Simple maintenance

• Durability

Base materials Approved for use in:

• Metal Sheet & Profiles • Concrete • Concrete Slab • Solid Concrete Block • Plasterboard • Gypsum Fibreboards • Aerated Concrete Block • Ceramic Hollow Block • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block • Wood • Chipboard • High-Density Natural Stone • Masonry • Hollow Brick • Solid Brick • Solid Sand-lime Brick • Silicate Blocks • Hollow Sand-lime Brick • Vertically-perforated Clay Block • Ceramic Hollow Blocks in high dimensional tolerance class TLMB • Aerated Concrete in TLMB dimensional tolerance class • Silicate Blocks in high dimensional tolerance class TLMB • PVC Profile


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