FrameFit Low Modulus Spacer Profiles for Fire Door Frames

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FrameFit Low Modulus Spacers should be when a fire door has a gap greater than 4mm to the frame (on the head and sides of the door).

This product is a certifiable route to make sure that the gapping is compliant with building regulations.

It saves money because it eliminates the need for a new fire door, which can cost hundreds of pounds.

It also reduces environmental impact, as the door can still be used and not disposed of.

FrameFit Low Modulus Spacer Profiles

FrameFit is a new product range of materials designed to narrow the gaps on fire doors which do not meet the gap thickness requirements set out by UK building regulations.

The FrameFit Low Modulus spacer profiles are designed to be used on the sides and head of the frame, if the gap between the frame and the door is greater than 4mm.

Ensure you pick the correct thickness product(s), so that the gap does not go under 2mm.


FrameFit bottom door seals need to be installed with FrameFit Low Modulus.



All FrameFit door frame rolls are 5.2m long.

For FD30 doors, choose the 44mm wide strips. For FD60 doors, choose the 54mm wide strips.

Doors must be a minimum of 44mm thick for the FD30 strips and 54mm thick for the FD60 strips.

The strips come in the following thicknesses: 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm.

They can be used to close gaps which are up to 15mm wide down to the 2mm to 4mm requirement.

Multiple strips can be used in conjunction with each other to achieve the reduction of gaps larger than 9mm.

FrameFit Low Modulus (LM) strips can be used in conjunction with both the FrameFit High Expansion fire and smoke seals and it is required when installing the bottom door seal.


When used by itself, FrameFit low modulus should be doubled up with an intumescent strip in the door.



  • It is made from a semi-rigid material, with minimum compression.
  • It is completely REACH compliant.
  • Installation can be in most environments: between -30 degrees C and +50 degrees C.
  • It contributes to high thermal and acoustic insulation value.
  • It can be cut, trimmed and shaped very easily.
  • It does not shrink.
  • It is resistant to mould and water.
  • Its vicat softening point is 90 degrees C.
  • The product density is 1400kg/m3.
  • It has a shore “A” hardness of 89.

Fire Testing

FrameFit strips have been tested according to BS1634-1 and BS 476 part 22.

This testing shows that the product is fire rated up to 60 minutes.



You may also be interested in the FrameFit High Expansion Intumescent and Smoke Seal, or the FrameFit Bottom Door Seal.


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Data Sheets

  • If I have an intumescent strip in the door, do I need to remove it?
    No, leave the intumescent strip in the door. Framefit is designed to be installed on the frame. For more installation details, contact us.
  • If I have an intumescent strip in the frame, do I need to remove it?
    Yes, remove any intumescent fire and smoke seals from the frame of the door and apply Framefit right over the rebate, The rebate does not need to be filled in. For more installation details, please contact us.



1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm