Timonox Bonding Primer & Upgrade Basecoat

In our previous post, we introduced Timonox paints as an excellent solution to fireproof walls. With an extensive range, it is important to understand each paint to be able to choose the correct solution. Today we will be starting with information about Timonox Bonding Primer and Timonox Upgrade Basecoat.

Timonox Bonding Primer

When a surface isn’t smooth or is coated in harsh substances such as anti-glaze, it is difficult for paint to adhere to it correctly. Timonox Bonding Primer solves this issue, by creating a surface that is engineered for other Timonox coatings.

Key facts:

  • It blocks many residual stains such as nicotine, smoke and graffiti
  • It is available in white only
  • Usual drying time: touch dry in 2 hours, recoatable after 15 hours
  • It is water-based

Timonox Upgrade Basecoat

Crown’s Timonox Upgrade Basecoat upgrades any surface to a Class 0 surface. Paint on non-combustible surfaces can downgrade them from a Class 0 rating to a Class 2 or worse. Depending on what type of paint and how many layers of paint there are, Timonox Upgrade Basecoat is necessary to upgrade a surface to Class 0, before applying other Timonox finishes.

Key facts:

  • It is not necessary on new, non-combustible walls
  • It is necessary on new combustible surfaces.
  • It usually dries after 1 hour of application and can be reapplied after 4-6 hours
  • It only comes in white
  • It needs to be used alongside other products in the range to achieve the desired protection and finish
  • It is water-based
  • Paint in poor condition must be stripped before applying this paint, unless Timonox Bonding Primer is used

To be able to discuss the correct solution for your situation, give our friendly team a call on 01752 690997. Click here to read about Timonox Acrylic Eggshell.

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