What is a Tile Access Panel?

We have covered a whole range of access panels in our previous posts: Riser Doors and What is an Access Panel?

In this post we explain why a tile access panel may be most appropriate for your situation, as well as the benefits of installing a FlipFix access panel over a conventional one.


All of our tile access panels are non-fire rated, meaning they haven’t been tested to withstand a fire to a given time period.

They are ideal, however, for providing discreet access to services in bathrooms or other tiled areas.

Their perforated frame and moisture board enable tiles to be applied to them seamlessly, thus hiding the panel completely.

If a fire rating is required, you may be interested in our plasterboard door, beaded frame access panels. These are plastered into walls and ceilings, so as to hide them.

Our tile access panels come fitted with a FlipFix fitting device, so that installation is simple. FlipFix fixtures reduce the panel installation time by up to 80% compared with conventional panels.

This video demonstrates installation of FlipFix access panels.

Regarding sizing, all of our tile access panels are made to measure- meaning that they are designed to achieve a snug fit to with your opening size.

Various different lock types are available:

  • Standard Lock
  • 5MB 5mm Bit
  • CTL Castellated Key Lock
  • TC Touch Catch

To summarise:

Tile access panels are designed to allow tiles to be applied over them, for discreet access in areas such as bathrooms.

They are made to measure, to ensure a snug fit is easily achieved.

Their installation is straight forward, due to their FlipFix fitting device, saving on installation time.

For more information on our tile access panels, or indeed any of our access panels, contact International Passive Fire on 01752 690997.

View our tile access panels here Flipfix Non-Fire Rated Ceramic Tile Door Wall Panel

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